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Brass Statement Ring Abalone Shell ABL02
Brass Statement Ring Abalone Shell ABL02
Brass Statement Ring Abalone Shell ABL02
Brass Statement Ring Abalone Shell ABL02

Brass Statement Ring Abalone Shell ABL02

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Abalone Shell (New Zealand) 


Many cultures think of the abalone as a symbol of water. Its calmness and tranquility protect us from life's unsettling passions.To wash away any unpleasantness and shield us from the darkness.


The shell of abalone looks like a kind of shield. It's no surprise then that it has protective and healing qualities. It brings safety from harm and emotional balance. It can protect the heart - in the physical and metaphysical aspects. It also is said to boost the immune system and assist digestion.It can is used for anti-inflammatory properties. It assists with joint disorders, cases of arthritis, and even skin flare-ups. 


The relaxing sound of the ocean waves has surrounded the abalone during its entire life. It is thought that these waves of relaxation transit to the wearer of the abalone shell. As such, it can calm the mind and relax the spirit.


By improving our power to communicate our emotions clearly, this gemstone can be used as a symbol of empowerment and feminine power. It has protected the soft core of the mollusk. It can protect the more sensitive aspects in us. Projecting an image of strength and beauty to the outside world. Its believed to bring wealth, abundance, or new opportunities at work.


The abalone stone is an excellent gift. The Maori people believe it can bring luck, peace, and prosperity to the person wearing it. Perhaps the wearer loves water, and the abalone shell can be a special reminder of the sea.

Materials Each ring is ethically handcrafted by our artisans using premium quality brass (lead and nickel free).

We use 100% natural stones which are a product of mother Earth. As each piece of jewellery is handmade using natural stones, slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics of the materials are unique to the jewellery. They are considered a part of the beauty and charm of the jewel and should not be considered a defect.

Care Instructions Overtime, brass will get darker or dull as it oxidises due to humidity and give you a more antique look, which some may prefer. To shine it like new again, you may use a jewellery polishing cloth or a natural product like lemon. To use lemon, simply put lemon juice directly on the brass, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse it with water and dry it with a cloth. Please avoid contact of lemon juice on gemstones. Do remove your jewellery when doing manual work like gardening and household chores and avoid any chemical products. Wash your jewellery with a mild soap to remove any dirt and oil and dab dry before storing your jewellery in a ziplock or air tight container.

33mm by 23mm

Ring size adjustable. Fits size US5 to US8. If you want us to adjust the ring size for you, please leave a note at checkout.

Handcrafted, Unique, One of a Kind Piece. Only one available.